53+ Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

This way, you can create a unique fundraiser that will raise money and awareness for your cause, project, event, or need. Raise money for your school or non-profit organization with Fundraising Calendars. While Color Fun Runs can be quite worthwhile to plan, they are a complex fundraiser. Don’t try to go it alone – you’ll need a strong committee of dedicated staff and volunteers to make the event run smoothly and reach fundraising goals. Find committee members with dedication, experience, and time to commit and your color run will be off on the right foot.
Before building commences, community members can buy a brick and have a message engraved on one side. This strategy invites supporters to share in the excitement of the project. Once your donors have learned more about your operations and what you’re doing to pursue your mission, they’ll be more likely to give to support your efforts.
Get your students involved in raising money for your school by selling popcorn. Organizing a popcorn fundraiser is a great middle school fundraising idea because students will get the chance to sell products to their friends and family. Peer-to-peer fundraising involves supporters of a cause or nonprofit to individually raise funds for the cause. With the development of new and efficient fundraising tools, fundraisers can take part in more easy fundraising ideas than ever before. While there are many quick and easy fundraisers to choose from, our favorites include crowdfunding and online donation tools that can maximize donations. Organize a week in which the students would come to school on foot, not by car.
Many stores will allow nonprofits to place a can by their cash register to collect coins and other change. This is great for collecting money passively and easily, although you’re not likely to raise a ton of money this way. One of the best ways to find funding for your nonprofit is through the use of grants. These are large sums of money provided to nonprofits and other charitable organizations, generally for a specific purpose in mind. The ABC Fundraising® Beef Jerky Fundraiser is a great (and healthy!) fundraising option.
Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next fire department fundraiser. If you are able to sell a lot of a product to more people for less money, then you will be able to reach your fundraising goals with minimal effort by selling a large quantity. Other fundraisers will cost more but will offer a higher profit percentage.
The shoppers could also be offered an opportunity to buy a bag of groceries for someone in need. Otherwise, the checkers should have a plate/code that they can scan and add the cost of one meal (or whatever else works for your nonprofit) to the donor’s receipt. Gratitude has been shown to have positive emotional, cognitive, and mental benefits. Have them use the campaign hashtag as well, so that you can easily find and interact with the user-generated content. Organize Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas and charge admission fees to raise funds. You can charge a flat fee for entry or charge for each activity separately.
Easy social media integration on all pages makes sharing your color run easy for participants and supporters. Our fundraising ideas below for the after-party add more ways for you to raise funds for your important cause. As a fundraiser, a color run is planned just like a walkathon fundraiser in which crowdfunding participants and teams collect donations to raise money for your campaign and cause.